Weight Loss Exercise for Women at Home

Weight Loss Exercise for Women at Home

Best way to lose weight naturally is exercise, exercise are most effective and safe method to lose weight at home in this video, we share very easy home exercise which is best exercise for women to lose belly fats. These are 3 easy home exercises for weight loss by Venus Factor under the supervision of famous exercise trainer and nutritionist “John Barber” by doing these exercise thousand of women lose weight successfully. This exercise is especially for women because man and women are totally different. Women tend to lose weight slowly than the man because women have different metabolism.

Home Workout Exercise

  • Start with the crawl position, your hips and back should be straight up towards the sky. Dropping your waist in a control position and allow legs to touch the ground and keep toes straight. Now exhale by pushing up gouts, inhale when you come down to a control motion. Focus on squeezing the belly because it will help to make muscles active and will burn belly fats.exercise-at-home
  • Come in playing position on elbows, move your hips left and right as shown in the video by keeping your belly extremely tight.
  • Turn around and sit straight, put your feet little above the ground and keep your ankle and knees together. Join together your hands and start rotating your hand from right to left and left to right. Squeeze your whole core and make sure you are rotating your whole shoulders and then just hands and again whole shoulders.

This is the very best exercise program for weight loss; you can see dramatic results by doing this exercise to lose weight.


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