Simple Breathing Exercise for Weight Loss

Simple Breathing Exercise for Weight Loss

Breathing Exercise is effectively working in weight loss. This tutorial is best for you to learn how to lose weight at home. Alternate nostril breathing technique will help to lose weight. It will help to lower your Cortisol level; cortisol is a chemical having in a body. It is an important steroid hormone in a body for stress response it is also called “stress hormone”, which should have to be in proper functioning, any increase or decrease in cortisol level is harmful to health. This chemical also tells our body to store sugar so whenever you are in stress your cortisol level rises up and you gain weight.[sociallocker id=”467″][/sociallocker]Breathing exercise technique is just like yoga technique and is very helpful for mental relaxation, controlling stress and weight loss at home. By doing this breathing exercise, you can easily control your cortisol level and stops storing sugar in your body which is the main cause of weight gain. In this video, we show you very simple tips for weight loss by doing easy home exercise for weight loss.home-exercise

Alternate Nostril Breathing

You just need to pinch your nose with thumb and one finger, close your one nostril by pushing it with one finger and inhale by taking a deep breath in, then breath out from opposite nostril by pressing it with thumb and then again breath in from the sane nostril and breath out from the first nostril and breath in from that side. Repeat this for at least 10 times you can do this breathing exercise for at least 3 times in a day and you will see that you are very much calm, get rid of anxiety and definitely successful in weight loss.Breathing-exercise-for-weight-loss


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