How to Remove Dark Circles in Only 1 Week Permanently

How to Remove Dark Circles in Only 1 Week Permanently

 The issue of dark circles is very common. There are many causes of it and these dark circles make us look really dull, and ugly. The remedy I have shared below will remove dark circles 100%. Do not let the under eye dark circles snatch your beauty. Follow the remedy and remove dark circles naturally and permanently in only 1 week.

How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally At Home

 Here, I am going to share a natural remedy that makes use of all natural ingredients and also the remedy is safe and natural. Eye area is very sensitive. Therefore, you need to be very careful while applying anything to this area. Follow the simple remedy shared below and get rid of dark circles.


  •  Potato
  • Lemon


  • First, take a potato and peel it. Grate the potato and extract potato juice.
  • Next, add 2-3 drops of lemon juice in potato juice.
  • Mix the 2 juices properly.
  • A homemade solution to remove dark circles is ready now.

How to Use:

Apply the solution you made on under eyes area for 10-15 minutes with a cotton ball. Try the remedy for 1 week to get rid of dark circles permanently.

 To remove dark circles, this remedy works like a magic. It is very effective and gives results in only 1 week. The lemon has Vitamin C that gives skin bleaching and also skin lightening results. Also, the other ingredient potato is effective to use to get rid of dark skin areas as it also has excellent skin lightening results.

To make your eyes and the face look more beautiful, simply make this simple solution of lemon and potato juice and have beautiful eye area free from dark under eye circles naturally and quickly within 1 week only.


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