Reduce Belly Fat fast just in 15 Days

How To Reduce Belly Fat fast just in 15 Days

Dr. Bilqees share amazing benefits of Citrullus colocynths plant also known as kor tum ba. She told very briefly about this plant use, she shares 3 amazing benefits of kor tum ba.

  • Control diabetes naturally
  • Natural Hair dye
  • Weight loss

Control Diabetes

Kortumba Helps to cure diabetes naturally, take yellow Citrullus colocynth plant slice it and rub on patients hands and feet. It will control your diabetes either not using any medicine.

Reduce Belly Fat fast in 15 days

Used in Natural Hair Color

Its seeds were used in natural hair dye. Fry its seeds in some hair oil and use on your hairs to get a natural black color of hairs.

Used in weight Loss:

Kortumba is very effective in instant weight loss. Take 1 tum ba or kor tum ba, Boil in 1 ½ cup of water and drink it daily. Within 15 days, your belly fat will reduce, and perfect weight loss tip.


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