how to Reduce 2KG Weight in 1 Week

How to reduce 2kg weight in just 7 days

As you know, it is very easy to put on extra pounds but very difficult to reduce it. Mostly people are suffering with the problem of over weigh and want to get their smart body back quickly. The extra body fats are not only make you look ugly but you also feel tired and unhealthy. So, to live a normal healthy life, it is very important to kick off all the extra fats out from your body. Therefore, today I’m going to introduce a diet plant that will help you to know that how to reduce 2kg weight in just 7 days. So, let’s start.

Best diet plan to reduce 2kg weight in just 7 days

In morning:

First of all, you have to avoid all the oily stuff that you eat every morning. They are very unhealthy so, to reduce 2kg weight in just 7 days you need to take a fresh orange juice in your breakfast.


Mid-morning (Few hours before lunch):

You need to take some salad before the few hours of having lunch. You can add any vegetables or fruits in your salad but the chicken chucks are the must.

In lunch: You can go for garlic chicken with your favourite species at lunch time.

In evening: You should have a glass of fresh lemon juice with the cup of citric fruits including yogurt in it at the time of lunch.

Dinner: Take a salad of onion and oranges in dinner with the cup of green vegetables.

 Avoid rice and roti

If you really want to reduce 2kg weight in just 7 days then you have to avoid rice and roti. You should try to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables with a lot of exercise. It is best diet plan so, must try it and stay connected with us for more.





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