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Life Care Videos website Privacy policy

At we care about you! This website is aimed to assist you in your daily life and we pay most attention to the fact that your information becomes a part of our data base once you visit our website. Be sure that do not use or information in any way, neither to benefit you nor to harm you.  The information about the remedies and tips that you visit will be saved and will be used for generating Recommended remedies for your future use only, this would save your time and effort when looking for tips. have the right to use your information in case we are obliged by law and to enable to us to put in to action our terms and conditions and other agreements. Unfortunately, there is no 100% protection of your information once its online, although we give our 100% to protect your information to our best knowledge but we cannot guarantee on that.

We have a platform where we post videos regard health and beauty tips and remedies for health related issues which you encounter in your daily life. At we collect health tips and remedies from all the credible sources. These are from professionals who are highly qualified and well experienced in their profession.

Despite having remedies from very professional individuals who have tried and well tested these tips and remedies, we are not responsible for any harm or damaged caused to you by following any of these articles published on our website. In case you observe any unusual things after following any remedy published on our website, you should instantly discontinue using that procedure and seek a doctor’s advice.

In case of any alternate and natural medicinal tip that you find on your website, this is not a perfect substitute for pharmaceutical medicine prescribed to you by your physician, in case you want to use any such remedy, consult your doctor before hands.

Please contact us by any means if you are not satisfied with any of the remedies that you followed or any of the information that you find unsuitable for public viewership, we love listening to you, it only helps us improve!