How to lose 13kg Weight just 1 Week

How to lose 13kg Weight just 1 Week

Every girl wants to look smart and wants a good figure. In this video you can see the best weight loss tips for woman in Urdu. This video is taken from Jago Pakistan Jago, a famous morning show comes on pakistani Tv. In this video the live caller shares her experience with the host Sanam Jhung and with the viewers that she put on weight after her marriage, but after using this weight loss tip she put off her weight in just one week. The tip she share is simply squeeze 3 lemons in lukewarm water and drink it early in the morning before breakfast. Then after drinking this lemon water, you can eat 2 dozen bananas. Then at 12 am take porridge or Thai soup.

The live caller gives this amazing weight loss tip of 2015. She also said that make a jug full of water and put half grapefruit, mint leaves and a piece of ginger in it and drink this water whole day. There are many tips and ways to lose weight in a short period of time. But most of them required you to be hungry. But this weight loss tips for women in Urdu can lose your weight up to 13 kg in just one week. It is a very amazing tip and you must try out this tip. There are so many medicines and herbs available in the market that promise to lose weight in just one week. But I think they all have some side effects also. But this easy tip share by the live caller has no side effect and not required to be hungry all the day. Try out this easy tip and reduce your weight up to 13 kg in just one week and make other people amazed by looking at you.

Reduce 13kg Weight in just 1 Week fast


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