Lemon grass tea to Reduce fat & instant relief from acidity

Lemon grass tea to Reduce fat & instant relief from acidity

 Dr Bilquis sheikh is a famous Herbalist of Pakistan, she mostly watched on different T V channels telling very easy and authentic home remedies for skin, beauty and health. In this tutorial, she’s sharing a very easy lemongrass green tea recipe with us which is a very useful remedy for weight loss and easy tip to get rid of stomach acidity in just 10 minutes. Watch this video and must try this at your home.


  • Lemongrass
  • Green Cardamom seeds
  • Mint leaves 25/ thyme 1 teaspoon
  • Black Cumin Seeds (Kala jeera)
  • Coriander leaves (Dhaniya)

Method: Take very hot boiled water in a pan, add lemon grass in it, and add green cardamom seeds also known as “Sbz Elaichi”. Add thyme but if thyme is not available then add 25 mint leaves, add black cumin seeds also known as “Kala jeera” in it and add chopped coriander leaves in it.

How to use Lemon Grass tea

This lemon grass tea is used for 2 main purposes, both were explained below.

  • Weight Loss

This lemon grass tea is also very beneficial for burning fats from the body and also keeps your body away to store fats. After every meal if you want to eat and don’t want to increase weight. This lemon grass tea is just like a cellulite, means you can use this tea after every meal then your body will not store fats and calories in your body. Otherwise, you can use this tea 4 times in a day it has no side effects at all this is best herbal tea for weight loss.

  • Stomach Acidity

If you are severely suffering from acid reflux/Stomach Acidity then this is best home remedy to get rid of stomach acidity. To use lemon grass tea for stomach acidity must add jaggery also known as “Gurr” in lemon grass tea. If you had severe stomach acidity after taking this tea within 10 to 15 you get relief from severe stomach acidity.


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