How to lose excess belly fat in Ramadan

How to lose excess belly fat in Ramadan

A beautiful video by Far Mukhtar Founder of BellyFatRemedy, Fat loss coach, certified weight management specialist and I am sharing this with you guys as your guide to eating healthy, and losing weight during Ramadan. If you are wondering that how you are gaining weight in Ramadan some people are able to fast during Ramadan seemingly so easily for leaving the normal active lives they live and avoid giving those terrible headaches and extreme hunger pangs and still lose weight at the same time. What is that they know and do differently from rest of us…..?

Each year at the end of Ramadan wider waste lines and are even further away from our weight loss goals and health goals…. Let get more specific for what will it take for you, how can you make this happen, make sure you able to fast a lot more easier to live your normal everyday lives and avoid getting all those terrible headaches, fatigue and extreme hunger pangs and fast the way you were meant to while at the same time avoid getting fatter, how can you do that because that is the last thing you want.

How can you make this Ramadan the month of not only your spiritual renewal, but also the renewal of your body and health as well? This is something that you’ve been struggling with, and you want to break through this frustrating barrier in your life…..then you need to practice these 5 simple….unusual….and counterintuitive, techniques that I am going to share with you right now…. In this video, we share those powerful techniques which allow you to lose weight and renew your body and health during Ramadan.

How to lose weight during Ramadan

Tip # 1 (Eat the right food during Sehar)

We want to eat everything in Sehar which we do not able to eat during the fast. Most of the things we eat in Sehar were deep fried, high carb, and triple bypass food fests. Our religion teaches us that these foods which are high in refined, highly processed carb and fats cause a hormonal change in our body that puts our body into a fat storage mode and what happened??? Most of the food which we eat will store in our body as a fat. So even though when you eat a lot and most of that is still there in your body, unused and stored as a fat, A few hours into your fast, you’re hungry again, because your body isn’t using the food you ate just storing it away. Secondly these foods are high in calories, but very low in nutrients that’s why we start sluggish and tired.

Solution: give your body the right kind of fuel and nutrients, while not activating your fat storage mode. Drink more water during Sehar or predawn meal, because it reduces headaches caused by dehydration.

Tip # 2 (Eat less when you break your fast)

Don’t over eat during Aftar and forget to do good things during your fast.

Tip #3 (Have a small dinner 30 minutes to an hour before bed)

It helps you maintain a more regular blood sugar level and makes sure that you are not too hungry when you wake up for Sehar and overeat.

Tip#4(Use the Tarawih prayer time as a time for blessing)

Use the Tarawih prayer time as a time for blessing, as well as a time for meditation and mental renewal. Ramadan is the time for spiritual renewal and a time for Detox and renewal for the body and mind as well. Also helps you to relax and recharge your mind.

Tip#5(Take a 20 to 30 minutes break in the middle of the day)

This will also helps to relax and recharge your body and really improving your focus from the rest of the day. But if you are at work, spend some time during lunch hour in a quiet place to just relax or even take a short nap. Whichever you feel most comfortable doing it’s going to do wonder to the rest of your day.

Make sure to practice all these simple and powerful strategies during your fast this Ramadan.


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