Home Remedies for Cough, Sneeze, and Pollen Allergy Cure

As the winter sets in, everyone faces pollen allergy, fever, or a cough. These health issues are not dangerous, but sometimes these are so irritating and painful. Sometimes, even after taking the medicines, the problem remains constant and treatment is always time-consuming. Here, I am going to share with you the remedies for a cough, sneeze and pollen allergy cure fast and naturally.

Natural Treatments for Cough, Sneeze, and Pollen Allergy Cure

Remedy 1

How to Treat Pollen Allergy


Violet Flowers (Banafsha flowers)


For the cure of pollen allergy, take some violet flowers and make a tea.

How to Use:

Use this tea regularly for 7 days and you will get relief from the issue naturally and quick. Take one cup of this tea in the morning and another cup in the evening.

Remedy 2

Home Remedy for Frequent Sneezing

Some people face the issue of deviated nasal septum. Because of this issue, such people sneeze more and this is really irritating. To get rid of this issue, the ingredients needed are


  • Violet Flowers (Banafsha flowers)
  • Sinus Nasal Drops


Make tea of these flowers and get rid of the issue of frequent sneezing

How to Use:

Use 2 cups of this tea daily, one cup in the morning and the second cup in the evening. Use this tea for 21 and get relief.

Also put 2 drops of sinus nasal drops in nostrils twice a day, once in the morning and once in the morning. Use these drops for 21 days or for 1 month and get rid of this issue.

Remedy 3

Remedy for All Types of Cough


Malabar nut leaves (bansa leaves)


Make a tea of Malabar nut leaves and get rid of cough of all types.

How to Use:

Use this tea twice a day for all types of cough cure natural, morning and in the evening, and use it for 3 days and you will get rid of all types of a cough.


So, during winter do not let cold weather and the pollen allergy affect your health badly. Simply follow these natural remedies for a cough, sneeze, and pollen allergy cure and stay healthy.


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