Herbal Tea to Get Rid of Obesity

Natural Home Remedy for Obesity  

To get rid of obesity, you need patience, determination, and strong self-control. Sticking to diet plans and hard workouts plans is not easy for every obese person.  Therefore; obese people look for the easiest solutions to get rid of obesity such as the use of supplements for weight loss. Natural ingredients have also been found effective in obesity home treatment. Here is a home remedy for obesity treatment.

Natural Home Remedy for Obesity  

The natural remedy for obesity will not only treat obesity but it will also help you in getting rid of stores of fats inside your body. The remedy is indeed also an antitumor for your body.


  • Indian Barberry (Sumbloo)
  • Puncture vine (Gokhru)
  • Fagonia (Dhamasa) powder


To make a natural drink for obesity treatment, take an equal amount of all of the above ingredients. Get a powdered form after grinding the mixture.

How to Use:

To get rid of obesity, take 1 spoon of the mixture prepared above and keep it soaked in 1 cup of water overnight and use the herbal tea in the morning. Or add 1 spoon of this mixture into a 1 ½ cup of water and then boil it until 1 cup is left. Strain the herbal tea for obesity prepared and do use the drink in the morning and in the evening too to say goodbye to obesity.


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