Healthy Diet Plan For Ramadan by Dr. Khurram

Healthy Diet Plan For Ramadan by Dr. Khurram

For Sahar:

  • Use cornflakes of Cassava starch for sahar twice a week
  • In other remaining 4 to 5 days use barley (jau) cornflakes in sahar with milk.
  • Take 1 cup milk daily in sahar
  • Take Tae or coffee with skimmed milk and brown sugar/ sweetener.
  • If using paratha use twice or thrice a week not every day then prepare only in olive oil.
  • Take Fruits enriched with fiber like banana in sahar it will make digestive system active.
  • Just 1 teaspoon of Special marmalade to store energy for the whole day. Take Mango or banana, make a slice of them, then cook in brown sugar and water along with pistachio, almond, screw pine (kewda), Curran (kismish) and salt if you don’t have high blood pressure issue. 1 teaspoon of this marmalade in sehri will keep you energetic whole day.

For Aftar:

  • Don’t use too many fried foods in Aftar.
  • Use salads of potato, tomato, sweet corn, mushrooms, mango, olive oil extra virgin or fennel seeds.



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