Easy Diet Plan to lose 5kg weight in 3 days

How to lose 5kgs in just 3 days

In this modern era, girls are very conscious about their weight. They want to look smart and beautiful all the time that’s why they take proper care of their diet but there are many girls who are fed up doing diets and exercise but get no positive results. Today I’m going to share with you the best way for how to lose 5kgs in just 3 days. If, you try it then, it is guaranteed that you will get good results within a week so, must try it.

Best diet plan to lose 5kgs in just 3 days

Breakfast time 7am to 10am

  • Two bananas
  • One apple
  • One glass of lemon juice

Post breakfast from 10am to 12pm


  • Two cucumbers
  • One carrot

Lunch from 12pm to 2pm

  • Two apples
  • One banana
  • A glass of lemon juice

Post lunch from 2pm to 4pm:

  • Two orange
  • two carrot

 Evening from 4pm to 6pm:

  • Oats butter milk

Dinner from 8pm to 10pm:

  • Fig walnut smoothie

Benefits of following a healthy diet plan to reduce weight

If you follow this diet plan regularly then you will get good results within 3 days. It is also very important to do exercise daily. The most amazing thing about this diet plan that you lose weight within3 days in a herbal and healthy way. Besides using this remedy you should try to control over your diet and do a lot of exercise daily. If you eat oily foods then it is useless to do this remedy. Your diet plays a very important role to lose weight naturally at home quickly.  So, must try it. You should try to eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables instead of chicken, or meat. You can visit our site to know about various diet plans that will help you to reduce weight fast. If you want to remain healthy and smart for life time then must try this remedy and stay connected with us for more weight loss home remedies.


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