How to Dye Your Hair Naturally with coffee

How to Dye Your Hair Naturally with coffee

Do you want to change the color of your hair? There are hair-coloring products available in the markets but these products are also damaging for your hair health. It is better to try a natural hair dye that will change the color of your hair in a healthy way. Here, I am going to tell you that how to use coffee to dye hair naturally.

How to Use Coffee to Dye Hair Naturally
Make strong organic coffee such as espresso as there are added chemicals in non-organic coffee.
Let the coffee cool. After this, mix 2 cups of leave-in all natural conditioner with 2 tbsp of organic coffee ground and 1 cup of cold brewed coffee.
How to Use:
Apply this mixture to your hair and let it work for 1 hour. You will get a beautiful chocolate hair color without any damaging effects on your hair. Another remedy to use coffee to dye hair naturally is to use a coffee rinse. After washing your hair, pour coffee over your head. Leave it for 20 minutes and then with apple cider vinegar, rinse it off. After this, rinse it off with warm water. Continue this process for a few days to get your desired results.

Benefits of Coffee Hair Dye
Coffee has been in use for centuries for coloring the hair. In fact, it is a natural hair dye. It not only gives a darker color to your hair but also makes your healthy and adds a glow to your rough hair. Dyeing hair is common and we all like to dye our hair. A great idea is to use coffee to dye your hair. Follow the recipe shared above and dye your hair in a natural and a healthy way.
The hair dyes that are not natural are loaded with more than 5000 different types of chemicals that are damaging to our hair. Even the chemicals in these dyes can cause cancer. Coffee is natural as well as healthy for our hair. Coffee adds natural shine and proper shade to your hair. The use of coffee to dye hair naturally is also good for the growth of your hair.


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