Best Weight Loss Drink for Women

Best Weight Loss Drink for Women

Which detox water new mothers should use? Here I am going share the best weight loss drink for women. If you are getting obese each day and want to get rid of this obesity, use this detox water for weight loss and look slim again without affecting your health.

Detox Drink for Weight Loss Recipe


  • 1-liter hot water
  • A small bundle of soya leaves
  • Spinach
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Fresh Plums
  • Rose petals



  • Wash and cut soya leaves. Add a handful of soya leaves into 1-liter hot water.
  • Take 7 leaves of spinach. Cut and add spinach leaves now. If you have kidney stone, do not add spinach leaves
  • Now add a handful of Coriander
  • Now add 3-4 plums in hot boiling water.
  • Now add a small bowl full of Rose petals in it.
  • Mix all of these ingredients and best weight loss drink for women is ready now.

How to Use:

The women who do not have babies should use this detox drink for weight loss for 3 months and get rid of obesity. Take a proper diet and also take regular exercise.

Detox water Weight Loss Benefits

  • The Soya is very good to use after pregnancy especially for good feeding also.
  • Coriander is very good for our liver.
  • This water will also help in getting recovered from hepatitis soon if the mother is suffering from hepatitis.
  • The use of rose water helps in controlling obesity. It also improves the functioning of the liver and reduces depression.
  • The use of rose water mixed with aniseed helps in preventing heart diseases.
  • If you are getting obese each day and have extreme body swelling, you may add ½ tablespoon of homemade tea leaves in this best weight loss drink and then use it.

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