Best Pilates Weight Loss Home Exercises

Best Pilates Weight Loss Home Exercises

Here Tanya Batts personal fitness trainer and instructor were beautifully showing how to do Pilates exercise. By watching this video, you can easily do this home exercise to lose weight easily. The great thing you can do is Pilates for weight loss if you really want to lose weight by Pilates you will go horn or go home. These are 3 very easy exercises for weight loss.[sociallocker id=”467″][/sociallocker]

Home Exercises for Weight Loss

  • Just laid down on floor mat and then pull your knee and lift the upper body is single leg pull, for weight loss you need to maintains abs resistance, inhale and exhale on each leg pull, the resistance will making your damsels little harder.
  • In next exercise, you need to do both legs up then take them lower and then up again and then screw up yourself repeat this for at least 10 times. By doing this exercise, your abdomen will start working and burning fats on that area which is giving shape to your belly.Weight-Loss-Exercises
  • In this exercise, you need a laid down straight on the ground on your toes and elbows. Then cross your ankles so that abs were pulled in and come up with your hands then down on elbows then up on one hand then on second and then down on one elbow and then on the second elbow. Repeat this at least 10 times then side plane position and hold on here you can also pull your one leg up.



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