3 Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting Tutorial 2015

3 Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting Tutorial 2015

Everyone was trying to look smart. It’s seen that everyone try to lose weight to some extent to shape his/her body to look perfect. If anyone gains weight due to over eating or some problem in diet plan, people are very much conscious about their physique, they immediately starts dieting. Yes dieting will help you to lose weight but here we have a better idea for you to lose weight without dieting, because dieting is not so easy it’s really hard to do and especially this becomes your funniest week point between your friends and family.

Just don’t you worry anymore here we have an amazing nutrients tips to lose weight. In this video we show you 3 easy tips to lose weight.
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Tip # 1: your meal intervals

Your first meal should be between the first hour you are waking up, continue eating for every 3 to 4 hour, eat small portions but frequently to stabilize your blood sugar level. Your last meal should be before one hour going to bed for sleeps.

Tip # 2: Nutrition’s ratio per meal

Every meal you should consume your proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In proteins you can eat fish, toe food and eggs; in carbohydrates you can take rice, bread and all the vegetables. If u take more carbohydrates then your body starts storing fats instead of burning fats so key is just to eat right nutrition’s ratio per meal.

Nutrition’s ratio per meal (100%) = proteins (40%) + carbs (40%) + fats (20%)easy weight loss

Tip # 3: calories per meal

If you are eating so frequently you should not be consuming a lot of calories, for women try to consume 250 to 350 calories per meal and for men’s consume 400 to 450. Calories per meal also depends upon your activity level if you are very active you can increase your calories but if you are doing office work must follow this calories range.


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