15 Benefits of Fasting on Human Health


15 Benefits of Fasting on Human Health

Medical science is working very hard on benefits of Fasting from last 25 years on Human body. From that research 15 significant things come in front.

  1. Detoxification

First one is that Fasting effectively work as Detoxification process. In the result of metabolism harmful matters produced in the human body, fasting will disable these matters. After fasting metabolism will work to discharged harmful toxins from the body. This is the very big benefit of Fasting.

  1. Immune system

The second medical benefit of fasting is that in the result of fasting immune system becomes strong. Our bodywork according to the immunity system. This body immunity work against the disease and remain healthy. From all those methods to make the immune system, strong fasting is one of them. If a human body remain fasting for a whole day that cells get together and give strength to an imune system. If some disease already exist in body than fasting work for its cure.

  1. Anti-allergy

The third benefit of fasting is a betterment of Anti-allergy system. Fasting will fight against all elements which cause allergies and allergies affects.

  1. Blood sugar

Another big benefit of fasting is to control blood sugar level in a body. All system of brains have the direct connection with sugar level if sugar level increases human become diabetic patient and if this level gets down this is called Hypoglycemia and a victim becomes faint due to weakness. Fasting will control sugar level and will not happen sugar up or down.

  1. Blood pressure

Research shows that fasting is also very beneficial to control blood pressure. Blood pressure is a very common disease all over the world. Fasting will balance the blood pressure in a blood.

  1. Heart Attack

All those people who fast had reduces chances of heart attack and heart failure. That’s why heart patients do small fasts to control heart issues.

  1. Digestive System

Fasting also beneficial to relax digestive system, it will correct the working of a digestive system. Stomach and intestine problems are very common in people. Most of them happen due to overeating habit and again and again eating which is harmful to health. Fasting will relax intestine and stomach for 14 to 16 hours and they get a chance to work properly.

  1. Anti-Inflamatory

Fasting is also very good anti-inflammatory effects. Fasting will release cortisol hormones from the body, also gives relief to the patient suffering from arthritis.

  1. Brain

Fasting is also very good for the brain, fasting enables self-control and discipline in the brain. Fasting also avoids depression by increasing serotonin hormones in the brain.

  1. Sleeplessness

Fasting makes sleep better, sleeplessness is very common but fasting will increase sleep.

  1. Stop Addiction

Fasting will also help those who were addicted of smoking they also quit these addictions.

  1. Taste buds

Fasting will also improve taste. Our all time eating habit will malfunction our taste buds but due to fasting we stop eating for long hours and these taste buds starts working properly.

  1. Weight loss

Fasting is very commonly practices for weight loss all over the world. Fasting is very good for burning extra fats from the body, but you successfully lose weight if do not eat too much when you breakfast.

  1. Dental health

The dentist tells that fasting avoid gums problem. Fasting is good for overall health of teeth.

  1. Motivation

The biggest benefit of fasting is that it enhances motivational power.


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